Levon Aronian got married!

It is always pleasant to see nice couples that love each other and that are decided to start a life together. This compromise, when taken seriously, is no joke at all. We all are used to see couples that date for some months, then get married at young age, have one or two kids soon and then separate at the first crisis because one of them or both just did not like to argue for some months and did not have the guts to overcome a difficult situation. The chess world is full of ego loaded macho and of crazy bitches that enjoy entering relationships just as a complement of their competition life and are not ready to enter in something serious as adult relationships.

The case of Levon and Arianne is for sure not this. I would bet for this couple. Both are nice persons. Both are thoughtful, responsible, compassionate and intelligent people. This couple will last and we can only wish them the best. Levon Aronian needs no presentation, but Arianne Coili maybe yes. She was born in the Philippines but plays nowadays for Australia. She is WIM and Ph. D in economy. She has founded and directs now one of the most important newspapers in Armenia. We wish you a long life together. On the other side, we will not speak much about you here, nice couple, you will not be for sure a source of gossip!!

official photographs

Wonderful couple / Photos: Alisa Studios, Los Angeles

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