Do we deserve a weird FIDE president? Do we deserve weird chess professionals?

Chess is not a normal sport. It is different, but we do not deserve “different” managers. We want normal and dedicated people managing our sport and we want normal and fair chess professionals giving a good image of chess. We, amateurs, play, learn and compete because we have this love for the game, which is the basis of all. But people managing our sport need to be an example and our chess professionals need to be an example too. We defend this here at and, even if we speak about the personal lives of all of them, we do it because we believe that these people need to be an example. And they need to be an example because they are making a living out of us, chess amateurs. We pay our license and our entry fee to tournaments and chess professionals do not pay entry fee, but they get the prizes, free hotel rooms, free flights and other benefits. They also teach chess to our children and a big part of the future of our game is in their hands. This is fair as long as they give us entertainment and as long as they are an example for our kids and for the future of the game that we love. Otherwise, they just do not deserve to make money out of us.

I have read a lot about unethical players and about players and FIDE officials who give a bad image to our game, but this article from Greg Shade on one concrete guy is pretty interesting. Maybe you should read it too.

Having said that, we will now concentrate on two subjects: 1.The FIDE president 2.Our chess professionals.

1.The FIDE president.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is a politician from a non-democratic country, chosen because Putin likes him, and who holds that he was abducted by aliens. Do we deserve such a person to be the ruler of our sport? No. We do not. Luckily, the FIDE executive board has signalized this clearly on Friday in Antalya. In 2014 he defeated Kasparov and he has survived other crisis, but Ilyumzhinov is weaker now. Apart from the political considerations, we, humble low rated chess players, deserve a president that do not believe in aliens abducting people. This guy is not sane and we need a sane ruler for our sport, who can also give a sane image of chess.

FIDE Antalya
FIDE’s Georgios Makropoulos & Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. | Source: ECC/David Llada.

2.Our chess professionals.

Everybody can do whatever she/he wants with her/his private life, but we, again humble low rated chess players, want to offer to our kids and to ourselves a chess panorama where we are proud of those people living off us. Without chess amateurs and low rated chess players there would not be any professional chess at all. We like chess professionals who have interesting lives and are fair in their profession and who are dedicated to the game. We do not like chess professionals who use the benefits of their good chess level but who look down on low rated players, or who cheat the public with unneeded drawing or speculation in tournaments or who have disastrous and unmoral behaviors, but then want to be chess teachers of our kids. We want chess professionals who are an example for the future generations as sports people and as human beings.

Some of our chess professionals are not an example for anything at all. Some of them cheat as long as they can get a buck in exchange, some others support child organizations but abandon their own kids if they bother their private lives and some others use their body to boost their chess career, and others are so stupid that they just build a useless idiotic hedonistic image of their own lives with no purpose at all. We do not like these immature chess professionals either. You can find the story of some of them in our web site and you can contribute with your comments to praise those who are a good image for our sport or to point out those who are just the contrary.




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