The sexiest American chess players

We know who the best players are, but who are the sexiest? We will give you some days to send messages using our contact page in case you want to keep your identity confidential. You can of course say what you think publicly by commenting here. We will make a summary of all in some days in another article. You can also give us the reasoning behind your decision. This will make it much more interesting!!!

What it means to be sexy

“Everybody is trying to sell us an idea of what a sexy woman is”. You can read this sentence in a very good article by Sam Kasse. As Kasse says, to be sexy is not just a matter of image, but also a matter of personality. Even if a woman (or a man) fulfills 100% the physical characteristics considered sexy, the intellect behind that image will be determinant. Sizes, height, weight….yes, they count, but 5′ 9” and 140 lbs with good breasts and pretty face amount to zero if the girl thinks that “Goethe” is a Gothic rock band or that “On the Road” is a travel guide. Yes, culture and intellect make somebody really sexy in a sustainable way. The rest makes somebody sexy only for some hours or for some weeks.

And this is what keeps you hooked on your couple too. When the body is already old and even during these days when the humor is not so good, your man/your woman is still sexy because he/she is intellectually interesting and provokes deep feelings. And that turns you on and that fixes a lot of things. Sexy people are sexy irrespective of their age. It is that way of speaking, that look, that way of evaluating things, that self-confidence. Is Donald Trump sexy? Not for a lot of women, because he is too ignorant or too arrogant or whatever, but not necessarily because of his body or face….his personality rules over his look and he can be reasonably sexy for other women (or men) who appreciate other characteristics of his personality, irrespective of his look, belly or strange quiff…

Does this mean that David Hasselhoff (before he started getting drunk all the time) is not as sexy as Donald Knuth (do you know who this guy is?), really? No, of course not. The body, the mind and the personality, all goes together. If you are lucky enough to get a really sexy couple, somebody who keeps you turned on physically and intellectually, that is the certainty of a rich and interesting couple life.

Now let’s go back to chess: do we have sexy chess players? I will change the question: do we have sexy chess players among those over 2300? Or is our game too time consuming to build a sane mind in a healthy and good looking body? This question is no nonsense. We have already gotten many messages with opinions and proposals, but we wanted to define a bit better what it means to be sexy before we just accept so many votes for Anna Sharevich, Tatev Abrahamyan and Nazi Pakidze. We love our followers, but please think beyond breasts and sensual poses. And of course, we also need to know about male sexy players…Please keep voting!

Anna, this is not sexy, this is just inappropriate. It looks like you are selling your body.

One of our followers sent us a list from with The Seven Sexiest Female Chess Players where number one is Kosteniuk. We like the list and we will take it in account for our final evaluation. We also found a very recent list from with Paikidze as number one. We like the comment on this list to one picture (above) of Anna Sharevich saying “Looks like a cover to a 90’s fitness tape porno crossover” and we can only agree. Again, Anna, what were you thinking of when you let these pictures be published? The comments to the pictures of Anna are really good on this website! From these 5 beauties we like especially Alexandra Botez. Ok, she is Canadian, but that is America too!!

Alexandra is sexy and she has something to say.

So, before we publish the final list we would like to summarize our thoughts on what we will consider sexy for our list:

  • A sexy person is only sexy in a sustainable way if there is a solid complement for the physical appearance. This complement is mainly intellectual and experience based. The physical appearance has to be reasonably good, but the capability to interact at a reasonable intellectual level and an interesting life experience are needed.
  • The physical appearance seems to be more important in our macho society when we speak about women. It may be unfair, but it seems to be so. It should be different, but it is like this.
  • What is considered physically attractive in a woman in our society? Which is the image that is sold to us of what it means to be physically attractive? A sexy women is not expected to be very tall, but at least 5´6″ is expected. Weight is also controversial and not really important. What seems to be important here is that the body does not look fat and that the breasts are neither too big nor too small…well, from what we see on TV it seems that …better a bit too big than too small. Sorry if we are too descriptive.
  • What is intellectually attractive in a woman? She has to be able to speak about  different matters like cinema, literature, politics or other subjects and, if not, she has to be able to say that she has no idea and listen to those who know and ask intelligent questions. Chess does not add intellectual attractiveness. Historical knowledge and an open minded point of view on social matters also make a woman interesting. Sexual promiscuity, stupid flirting poses and a crazy relationships´ story are not sexy….they provoke short term expectations but that´s all.
  • What is physically attractive in a man? If we look at the models that TV, magazines, etc. sell us everyday, it seems that height is important: at least 6 feet. Weight seems not be so important for men, but a controlled belly and a body shaped by sport are good things.
  • And what is intellectually attractive in a man? The main thing that seem to make a man intellectually attractive is self-confidence. But being able to listen and to explain interesting stories seem to be important characteristics too. Sexual promiscuity is here only an asset if it is guessed, and not if explained in detail. A man who can speak about different matters, give his own opinion about different things, even female subjects, with information and intelligent deduction abilities is sexy, guaranteed.

Now all the data are clear. Our next update of this post will be to give our list of the sexiest American chess players. Do we really have sexy individuals among our top players? We are not sure….Let´s see.

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