The Sexiest American Female Chess Players

This post is the result of our disquisitions from a previous post about the same subject. You can read what we wrote there, so that you can understand the results here.

First of all we have to say that it was more or less easy to get information about our female chess players and this is the reason why we will show this rating first. Our readers gave their opinion about the girls and this helped. We had just a few opinions about the boys and this did not help.

We also need to say that we could not consider all the American Female Chess players. We just checked the top 20 and, following our policy, we did not take in account those under 21. We are sure (at least we hope!!) that there are sexier female players in our country, but we do not know all of them. This means that we just had 14 eligible candidates.

We took in account the look, the natural elegance and the educational level. Sexy does not mean good breasts or sensual pictures on the web. Sexy means much more and some of our girls just don’t have it….sorry, to be sexy is more than being good for sex or having provocative pictures on our profile.


Liulia Cardona
Liulia is our number one. The sexiest US top chess player.

This was not easy, even if the attractiveness level among our main female chess players is not outstanding (sorry, this is the truth), it is always difficult to decide who is the sexiest. Finally we decided that from our 20 top female players Liulia is number one. She is nice, has a wonderful smile and an attractive look. Her Cuban elegance and grace are present and help her all the time. She is the sexiest.


Anna, your clear and frank look made you number 2 in the US.

Anna is number two. Her physical appearance is good, even if maybe not outstanding. But her smile, her nice look, her grace and her solid trajectory as a person and as a player are an asset. She is attractive as a person in global, much more attractive than some younger girls trying to look good in their pictures, instagram, facebook and whatsapp profiles. Anna is naturally elegant and this cannot be reached by others so easily.


Download (1)

Tatev is number three. It was not easy because sometimes she looks much better than some other times, as any of us, but in her case we found this characteristic a bit more exaggerated. Anyways, her intriguing look, her level of studies and her improved style brought her to number three.

Number 4: MEGAN LEE

Megan Lee

We know that some of you will be surprised with our decision, but Megan deserves number 4 and she is looking upward. Her friendly nature, clean look and nice simplicity are the presentation of a very interesting personality. She is an educated woman who looks like the kind of nice person to get hooked on. In some years she will be competing for number one.


These 2 share the same position. We could not decide who was first. We have to say that they got some votes from our readers and it was tough for us to make the decision of relegating them to the 5-6th position, but…really, we have tried to put here 2 pictures where Nazi and Anna show some elegance, but there are so many reaching even the limit of what can be considered inappropriate, specially in the case of Anna……some examples:

And believe us, there are many more from both, and even worse than these. These both girls focus a lot on their own physical appearance, which in both cases is good, but important things are missing, especially the lack of natural elegance and especially in the case of Anna. With these pictures they give us an image of low intellectual level and that is not sexy at all.

Number 7: ALENA KATS

Alena 2
2011NAYCC Alena Kats by Dora Leticia ©

Number 7 is for Alena Kats. She is attractive and even if her body is not within the patterns of standard female attractiveness (being too skinny is overvalued nowadays), she looks good, sexy and interesting. Her smile is also one of the nicest in our chess world.



Alisa is number 8 and we have to admit that we wanted to give her a better position. She is an educated woman, she looks good and she can be defined as attractive. But we do not like her femme fatal look and her way to pose, which is a bit exaggerated. This aggressive look in her eyes do not help her either.


And this is our list. We decided not to continue with the 6 remaining candidates from the list of the eligible 14. The reason is that we just do not consider that any of them should be in a list of “the sexiest….(whatever)”. They can have their good things and even be sexy for somebody, but we cannot consider them sexy due to different reasons, which we will not discuss here.

What happens now? In the future we will look at our women between positions 21 and 30 in the rating lists and check if they can be included in our list. But before we do this we really want to build the list of “The Sexiest American Male players”, which will take some more time. We hope to read your opinions and comments on our post.

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