Alexei Shirov got married (again)

The famous Latvian-Russian-Spanish GM got married for the fourth time. After Veronica Alvarez, Viktorija Cmilyte and Olga Dolgova, now Alexei, who is currently 45, decided to go for the 25-year-old Anastasia Travkina. His first wife was Argentinian, his second wife was Lithuanian and the third one was Latvian. Now he moved east and chose a Russian young girl who is also a good chess player and holds the WFM title.

The wedding took place at the Baltvilla hotel, in Baltezers, Latvia and our contacts say that both Anastasia and Alexei looked very good. Now we have to wish the couple a very long and happy marriage. What we have heard from Anastasia is very good and she looks like a sensitive and nice girl. We hope that Alexei behaves well and leaves his fire only for the board. He has an amazing experience with marriages and he must have learnt something from his previous 3 experiences.

We are trying to get pictures from the wedding, but it can still take some time!


We just got a picture from the ceremony!!! It was not easy, but our Polish informant was really efficient!

2018-02-01 23.38.30


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