Our policy

This site has the goal of providing entertainment to chess players of the United States and from around the world. The information displayed here will be about the private lives of professional or semiprofessional chess players, who are anyway public personalities and who use their public image in order to make benefit themselves. Taking this in account, we consider that their image and private lives are of general interest and newsworthy. We do not publish stuff that has to do with individuals that are not using their image in the chess world to make profit.

We fulfill the laws of the United States. Taking in account that we publish private facts, we always make sure that:

  1. The published private facts are already known. This means that the published facts are generally known in the chess world. This does not mean necessarily that they have been published in newspapers or other websites, but that they are known by chess players. Before we publish anything we will make sure that the facts are already of common knowledge and we just put all together, summarize and give the news to the whole chess community.
  2. We will not publish facts, pictures or any other material that can be offensive to an average person living in the 21st century in the United States.
  3. As stated before, we will only publish material that is newsworthy. We will not publish private material related to unknown chess players. Only chess professionals using their images to make profit in the chess world in different forms will be main characters of our web site.
  4. We are not responsible for comments from visitors. Whatever information they give when they post is under their own responsibility. We will anyway moderate those comments using insults or offensive language or trying deliberately to hurt somebody. We will also moderate or censor comments including private information of non public individuals. As described before, we consider non public individuals those not using their image to make any benefit in the chess world.

Finally, we hope that our top players will have the humor to accept some gossip about them. It is part of their lives and they should be ok with it. If somebody is not happy about things he or she did in the past, we are not guilty for that and he/she is the only responsible of his/her life record, reputation and history and not this humble web site.

The Chess Gossip Team.