US Chess: Top Female Players

These are our US Top Female Chess Players. We have begun with these but we will extend the list in the future. With each name we will try to provide information about their love stories, current status and other interesting facts about them. Do not expect commented chess games, unless there is something sexy in them….

We will not post anything about players under the age of 21.

Top 15 female chess players in the US:

1 Krush, Irina NY USA 2517
2 Zatonskih, Anna NY USA 2478
3 Abrahamyan, Tatev CA USA 2441
4 Paikidze, Nazi NV USA 2434
5 Foisor, Sabina-Francesca NC USA 2421
6 Nemcova, Katerina AZ USA 2400
7 Yu, Jennifer R VA USA 2377
8 Sharevich, Anna MO USA 2357
9 Feng, Maggie OH USA 2353
10 Yip, Carissa Shiwen MA USA 2350
11 Gorti, Akshita VA USA 2349
12 Baginskaite, Camilla SD USA 2313
13 Wang, Annie CA USA 2295
14 Lee, Megan WA USA 2279
15 Ni, Viktorija IL USA 2278