Tatev Abrahamyan

Tatev Abrahamyan- Chess Gossip

This Armenian born 29 years old American player is definitely an attractive woman. She does not have a typical beauty, but the way she looks is sexy and says something. She is quite active in twitter and looks like very close to the country where she was born. We have to say that she is also an educated woman. She graduated in 2011 in psychology and political science. Not many of our list of top US players were able to combine a decent chess career and a decent education level.

Regarding her private life, not a lot is known, but she seems to be a very active woman and, if we believe our informants, she likes very much to go out with friends and have a good time, or at least she used to some years ago. We cannot say much more…for the moment.

Tatev and her attractive look. Source: chess.com

We will not show her games neither her progress as a chess player, but we will show some other maybe less known and funny or interesting milestones of her career. On one side, we laughed a lot as we read the conversation held over Instagram about one of her pictures, including sentences like: “Resting bitch face” by somebody called tt_peng and then an answer defending Tatev from jasonkylen: “Congrats Tatev! Dont worry you got nothing on melenkhinas resting bitch face”. What is this? A bitch face competition?

A more serious thing we read was the accusation against her and other players by IM Timoty Taylor. You can find the whole story here, but it includes stuff like: “He and Tatev Abrahamyan spent all the time before the crucial game laughing and chatting together”; “A one half move draw—or maybe not. A spectator told me later that he thought Tatev hadn’t even moved the e-pawn, but had in fact just moved her hand forward straight into a handshake with Kretchetov, and so the game was drawn without any moves at all!”; “When he made the deal with Tatev to prearrange a draw without making a single move—a deal he was so happy about he laughed out loud—”. This is serious folks!

Tatev is one of our favorite players and if you have interest in her your should read our report of the US Championship 2018. You should also have a look at this video, where a lilac thing is moving up and down. If you pay more attention you can see that it is Tatev playing simultaneous games in San Diego.


Last update: September 2018.

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