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It seems that Victoria had some crazy years after 2012, including separation, expatriation and other stuff.

Viktoria Ni was born in Riga (Latvia) and emigrated to the United States in 2010, when she was just 18, in order to start a life together with her boyfriend, GM Yury Shulman, who was 35 at the time. She got pregnant then and gave birth in 2011, when she was already 19. We found this video in youtube…we guess it is from the time she was pregnant….or short after it….Upps! In fact it is about 1 year later…

As we explained in our last post about chess, love and sex, Viktorija Ni seems to have had a very “varied” and complicated “private” life since this video was recorded in 2012. This can destroy any marriage of course and different sources seem to indicate that she finally broke up with GM Yury Shulman during the summer of 2016 and then left the country with her son. What led her to this, if we follow information that we have gotten, is sad, strange and not completely clear. It looks like since then she has been travelling, sometimes alone and sometimes accompanied, and living in different countries, mainly in Asia and Europe. It seems that she came back to the United States in January 2018 with the purpose of staying, but with this girl it is always difficult to know.

We can only show our sympathy for the fact that she was not able to get the WGM title she speaks about in the video….she was probably too busy with other crazy emotional stuff….Bad luck? Her way of living? Who knows…

Last update: May 2018.

6 thoughts on “Viktorija Ni

  1. What happened with the information that was here only one week ago? And the comments? Was the information false or what happened? Is the policy of this site to admit comments and then delete them?


  2. Hi Andy, we believe that our information was not false, but a minor was involved and our tone was probably too caustic. We finally thought that it was better to remove that part. Regarding the comments, one of them was partially ok, but another part of it was assuming things that can not be proved and could be libelous. We would have liked to keep a part of it, but we can only accept it completely or delete it completely. We deleted it. The other comment was removed because it was not appropriate. This has nothing to do with its falseness or veracity. It could be true and if somebody took the time to write it, there can be something behind it. But, true or not, it was probably crossing the line of what can be published about somebody. Thanks for following us.


  3. Viktorija was living in the Chicago area, but in January moved to New York, where she presently lives. Is she and Yuri back together or separated?


  4. Hi Robert and thanks for following us. Yes, we heard from our New York informant that Viktorija moved there in January. She left Chicago and the country with her son during the summer of 2016, when she left Mr.Shulman, and she has been living abroad for about 1.5 years, but it seems that she has visited the States a couple of times during this period. It is not clear to us whether she came back this year to the States in order to stay. If she came back with her son then maybe yes, otherwise, just one more visit.
    Regarding her relationships with Mr.Shulman and taking in account all the sad and ugly information that we have about them, it would really be very surprising if they would be together again. But if you read her biography, it is clear that you can expect almost anything possible from Viktoria Ni….
    We have modified our previous comment because we think that it is enough with this information. We could go into further detail, but we think that it is not really needed.


  5. I was in contact with her in November 2017 and she told me she was in the Chicago area. In mid December 2017 she went back to Latvia to visit her mother and spent two weeks there. When she returned in January 2018 she would be in New York. I have spoken to her in January, February and March, and she is presently still in New York.


  6. Hello Robert and thanks again for your message and for following us. What you say cannot be correct. A very easy search on shows that Viktorija played the Janis Mileika Memorial on 11/11/2017 and 11/12/2017, the Olaine Open Rapid tournament on 11/26/2017 and the Latvian Club Cup on 12/03/2017 . All these tournaments took place in Latvia, Eastern Europe. It is very clear that she was in Latvia in November and December, 2017. We cannot understand why she would lie to you about this, but it seems to be clear that she was in Latvia and not in our country.

    On the other hand, as we told you in our previous answer, she left the United States together with her 5 year-old son in mid-2016, after splitting up with Mr.Shulman. Her son was out of the United States at least for 1.5 years if we follow our sources, which are very reliable. It does not seem logical that the mother (as well as the father) and her little kid are living in two different continents. This reinforces the fact that Viktorija has been living out of our country during at least 1.5 years, and has just visited the United States in some occasions. We also know that she arrived to New York in January, 2018, but we tend to believe that the kid is still in Europe and this is why we are not sure if Viktorija is just visiting our country for some months. If her son came with her this time, then maybe she is serious about living in the United States again. That would be great, of course. But if she is serious about living in the United States again and her 7 year-old son continues in Europe….well, we do not want to tell anybody how to live, but we don’t like it.

    But if you have such a close contact with her, you probably know all this already, unless she avoided telling you about these important details. The information that you got is partially false Robert. In case you (or anybody else) wants to act as an informant instead of sending public messages to our site, I recommend you to use our “contact” section. We check all the information that we get, we cross check our sources and we always make sure that what we publish is correct.

    Thanks again


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