US Chess: Top Male Players

These are our US Top Male Chess Players. We have finally extended the list in order to display our 20 top rated men. We have also updated the ratings to those of July 2018. With each name we will try to provide information about their love stories, current marital status and other interesting facts about them. Do not expect commented chess games, unless there is something sexy in them….

Following our policy, we will not post anything about players under the age of 21.

Top 20 male chess players in the US:

1 Caruana, Fabiano MO USA 2898
2 So, Wesley MN USA 2847
3 Nakamura, Hikaru NY USA 2841
4 Shankland, Sam CA USA 2786
5 Robson, Ray MO USA 2748
6 Xiong, Jeffery TX USA 2747
7 Kamsky, Gata NY USA 2744
8 Akobian, Varuzhan MO USA 2719
9 Onischuk, Alexander TX USA 2718
10 Izoria, Zviad CA USA 2716
11 Sevian, Samuel MA USA 2711
12 Lenderman, Aleksandr NY USA 2702
=12 Zherebukh, Yaroslav MO USA 2702
14 Li, Ruifeng TX USA 2692
15 Naroditsky, Daniel A CA USA 2691
16 Holt, Conrad KS USA 2678
17 Gareyev, Timur KS USA 2668
18 Shabalov, Alexander PA USA 2662
19 Hess, Robert L NY USA 2659
20 Erenburg, Sergey PA USA 2656