Alexander Onyschuk

Alexander Onyschuk – Chess Gossip

This Ukrainian born strong Grandmaster settled in the United States in 2001, at the age of 23. Even if at first sight his look is quite common, he is in fact a fascinating individual. To begin with, he is a tri-athlete. This guy is fit and enjoys a very demanding athletic specialty. Regarding his personal life, we still could not get much. We just know that he has 5 kids, being one of them the International Master Anna Rudolph. Out of these 5 kids 2 of them are twins.

But not all can be good. We have to say that even if we speak about private lives of famous chess players here, we also like it when they are fair sportsmen. Alexander cannot be proud of what he, and other 5 GM, did in the American Continental Championship in 2005 in Buenos Aires, agreeing to short draws between them in order to crush the lowest rated player of the tie-break (Gaston Needleman). This poor guy was finally last of the tie-break and did not qualify for the World Chess Championship cycle, but was the only one to play all the tie-break games. The rest of the games of the tie-break but one were draw. Alexander, this is very bad….We do not like it. Only GM Ruben Felgaer did not fall in this dirty agreement. The other players guilty of unfair play, together with Alexander Onyschuk, were  Julio Granda Zuniga, Gilberto Milos, Gata Kamsky, Giovanni Vescovi.


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