Fabiano Caruana

This was a hard nut to crack. It does not matter what you read about this guy, it is always chess, chess and more chess. Well, if he wants to be world champion it has to be like this. But anyway, he is 25 and his life looks so different to the life of other chess players of his age….This guy has been really concentrated on chess and his parents have done a great job not only with his chess education, but also with his education as a person in general. They took him to live in Europe, so that he could experience a different culture and you can really see a balanced person when he speaks. He is self confident, well educated and reasonable.

With other players we are having some trouble because we are finding a lot of girlfriends, affairs, kids out of marriage, cheating, etc. and we struggle to decide if we should publish or not, even with players of Caruana´s age, but with this guy…nothing. But we cannot just write this and go. Therefore, we will at least share with you some interesting photos where Fabiano is sharing time with other people out of the chess board, even girls!!!


And after Fabiano’s success in the Candidates Tournament we have to update his profile and congratulate him on his achievement. He will fight for the title against Carlsen and we could finally have again an American world champion. Not only the United States, but also a big part of the chess world is supporting Fabiano, who is a very good player and a good example for our youth.

Last update: March 2018.


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