Wesley So

This is a very complicated story. It is so complicated that we do not know where to start. Well, we could just keep it simple by saying that Wesley had problems with his family  and then he found a new one, including whole pack (mother, father and girlfriend), which would be too simple. But it is something like this. The religious component is also present, which maybe for some people is an important thing. We are evaluating if we should go into more detail, but the old story is too strange and has been already covered in full detail by other people. We prefer to keep the image of a happy young boy with his mother and sister. We love nice smiles.

Wesley So
Wesley with his mother and his sister. The old good days.

We have to update Wesley’s profile too. The candidates tournament was not what he expected and we fell sorry for him. His dedication to chess deserved a better award. Keep strong Wesley!

Last update: March 2018



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